As HRM's most professional provider of pet aftercare our company has the knowledge, technology and professional experience to provide exceptional service for your clinic clients and staff.

Since 2006 our company's list of partnering veterinary hospitals has been steadily increasing.  Our company is now the largest provider of veterinary aftercare service support within HRM.  We are proud to say we partner with many of the most prominent and respected veterinary practices in our area.

Our company is able to handle all aspects of veterinary hospital aftercare needs.  Our company will work with your veterinary practice to make it easier for staff and more importantly, your clients, when dealing with pet mortality.

As a pet health care provider, your clients place their pet's health and well being in your hands.  When it comes to end of life decisions, your clients turn to you to provide them with the most sound and professional service options.  Your clients should not have to wait weeks to receive their pet's cremation remains which is the standard practice for other local pet cremation providers.  Your clients should also be provided the option of receiving their pet back in the highest quality pet urn, with a selection that best meets their needs.

If your company is not partnering with ours and you would like more information on our services please contact our office and we will be happy to mail you an introductory package on our company which includes a DVD of our operation showing the complete scale of how we operate and the modern technology we employ.  We are always looking to establish new relationships with veterinary practices. 

The standards that Metro Pet Crematory Inc. operates rivals the human aftercare industry.  We look forward to the ability to share our high level of professionalism and expertise with your facility.

Contact Metro Pet Crematory at (902) 444-3464 for more details on becoming an Metro Pet Crematory Provider at your veterinary clinic.