Private Cremation

What to Expect

At Metro Pet Crematory, our HRM based facility provides pet owners unparalleled service. We have a state-of-the-art operation that has never before been offered to HRM pet owners. Once a pet is in our care we are able to handle the cremation within 48 hours. Pickup at our office is generally available after 72 hours with pets usually returned to veterinary hospitals within 4-5 business days. 

Private Cremation  takes place with your pet, alone, in the cremation chamber. Private cremation is our specialty. At Metro Pet Crematory, we are the only pet crematory with operations within HRM.  Other cremation providers servicing HRM transport pets outside the city.  We are also the only HRM pet cremation provider using a tracking system, which will ensure the cremains (ashes) you receive are those of your pet.

The below costs also include a Cherry Finished Urn with engraving or a temporary cardboard container (scatter box) provided at a client's request.

Price for Private Pet Cremation / Urn:

Pets Under 20 lb $193.00
Pets 20 lb - 50 lb $243.00
Pets 50 lb - 90 lb $283.00
Pets 90 lb - 180 lb $341.00
Equine / Pets over 180 lb  Call

Private Pet Cremation Includes:

Complimentary use of our comfortable facility to say goodbye to your family friend for clients delivering their pet to us.
Pet identification and labelling utilizing our PETS tracking system.  From your home or local veterinary hospital to our facility and back to you the entire processes will be tracked and documented.
100% disclosure.
Your pet will be sheltered at our facility in our large walk-in freezer until the cremation process is completed by trained professionals.
Timely cremation service, often within 24 to 48 hours of taking your pet into our care with return within 4-5 business days.
Return of your pet's cremains, carefully placed in an urn or  temporary container suitable for transport.
A copy of all PETS tracking system paperwork submitted by your veterinarian to our office or copies of our onsite documents.
Complimentary signed and documented death and cremation certificate.
Complimentary online obituary listing.

Office Visits By Appointment Only
Monday through Friday     8 AM - 8 PM (call)
Saturday                                8 AM - 2 PM (call)
Sunday                                  10 AM - 2 PM  (call)

Home and veterinary hospital removal services are offered 7 days a week from 8am-8pm (subject to availability)

We can generally accommodate after hour office appointments.  Please call our office for details.

Additional Services & Fees:

Veterinary Hospital Removal: $0 (complimentary)

* Please note: When arranging removal from a veterinary hospital that partners with our company, all services must be arranged via the hospital.

Residential Removal: $65 (min)

Rushed/Same day Cremation Service....$75 (call for details)

Witness in Person - including the use of our Remembrance Room (call for details)
- Mon-Fri - 8AM to 2PM: $110.00
- Sat-Sun - until 9AM to 1PM : $175.00