Frequently Asked Questions

Since pets are considered members of the family, the death of a pet can be extremely traumatic.  End of life decisions you make are the last thoughtful thing you do for your pet. Below are a few common questions that we are regularly asked.  Should you have more questions please feel free to call or email our office.

Q:  How is cremation accomplished?

A:  The pet is placed in the cremation chamber where heat and evaporation reduces the body to its basic elements. These basic elements make up what is known as the cremated remains or "cremains".  After the cremation process is complete (size of the pet dictates the time) the cremated remains are processed and either placed in a permanent urn or in a temporary container suitable for return to the family. 

Q:  How do I truly know that I'm receiving my pet back?

A:  Metro Pet Crematory is the only locally operated crematory that is a member of the IAOPCC (International Association Of Pet Cemeteries & Crematories) and as a member we adhere to a strict code of operational ethics that is required by the IAOPCC, 

To download a copy of our code of ethics please click here.

We utilize equipment that meets the highest standards within our industry.  We have also integrated the  PETS tracking program at our facility and at each veterinary hospital that we partner with to ensure that each pet we receive is tracked throughout the process.

Q:  Can my veterinarian help me with cremation for my pet?

A:  Yes.  However, it is very important that you do your homework.  Our company takes pride in partnering with many HRM veterinary hospitals.  We have taken the time to educate staff about our operation.  Some veterinary hospitals, while working with a particular cremation provider, have never seen their provider's facility.  If your veterinary provider does not use our company, we strongly encourage you to ask your vet more about the company they use.  Find out the operator's policy.  Are they open to the public?  Is their crematory even in HRM?  PLEASE do your homework and feel comfortable with the aftercare provider you choose for your pet.

Q:  What if my pet dies at home or when my veterinarian is closed?

A:  At Metro Pet Crematory we take pride in being available for families 7 days a week from 8am until 8pm.  If your pet dies outside our regular business hours, call for assistance.  When we are not in our office our phone is forwarded and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

 We have provided some tips to care for your friend until we're open.

Put some plastic under the nose and tail as fluids may be lost.  For larger pets we encourage placing their hind end in a plastic bag. 
Take a sheet or blanket and wrap your pet .  Consider using something that you'll be comfortable sending your pet to our facility in.  Feel free to include his or her favourite toy.
If possible, place your friend in a cool, dry place away from other household pets.

Q:  Can I visit the pet crematories in the area?

A:  Yes, in fact, we recommend it. . As a pet owner, you should visit the crematories in the area.  Inspect the quality of the equipment and the facility.  A pet crematory should operate at the same high standards as a human crematory. The cremation equipment should not be outside. Ask about the age of the machine. Is the staff professional, kind and forthcoming with information? 

Visiting the facilities will also give you peace of mind.  If you're not permitted to inspect the entire facility, you probably do not want to trust your pet to them.

To visit our facility please call our office to make an appointment.


Q:  What if  our pet passes away while we we're on vacation and arrangements need to be made by our pet sitter or other family members?  Are we able to see our pet again?

A:  Everyone should have the opportunity to say goodbye to a cherished pet and family friend. Whether it's a few days or a few weeks, we can absolutely delay the cremation until your return. Let us know and we will discuss the final details with you.